Ottoman Blanket Box


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The Ottoman storage box is a very handy piece of furniture, the storage box can also be used as a bench, or a stool or even a side table. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colours to get the perfect match to your bed.

Store away in style!

Size- 40inches

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Fabric / Colour

Plush Steel, Plush silver, Plush Grey, Plush Black, Plush Mustard, Plush Sky, Plush Mink, Plush Turquoise, Plush Blue, Plush Claret, Plush Pink, Naples Cream, Naples Sand, Naples Grey, Naples Silver, Naples Slate, Naples Charcoal, Naples Blue, Naples Plum, Naples Black, Crushed White, Crushed Ice, Crushed Grey, Crushed Cream, Crushed Teal, Crushed Gold, Crushed Mink, Crushed Truffle, Crushed Teal, Crushed Denim, Crushed Red, Crushed Black, Crushed Aubergine

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